NFA/Class III Items

A NFA/Class III Item is a firearm or accessory that is regulated by the ATF. A few of the Class 3/NFA products that Click-Click-Boom sells includes suppressors from leading brands like FN and Sig Sauer, short barrel rifles and shotguns from Kel-Tec and Daniel Defense, and select handguns for sale from B&T and Q.

Click-Click-Boom keeps a wide variety of NFA/Class III Items in stock and best of all, offers one stop registration with e-file for your new NFA firearm. This means that if you purchase an NFA item from us we will not send you all over town to get the required fingerprints and photos for your application. We do it all right here in the store, and fast. Digital fingerprints with e-form registrations means everything is done online without mailing anything to the ATF. This means fast approval times.