Find AR Lower parts split into easy to navigate categories below. When building your AR/AK platform, or just replacing parts for your lower portion of the firearm, you should be looking here at our lower parts. Here, you’ll find lower receivers, grips, buffers, tubes, safety selectors, magazines, small parts, stocks, triggers, and more. We try and carry a little bit of everything and often times you’ll at least a few different variations of the specific part you are looking for including a low end, medium end, and high end of the quality scale and price range.

Click-Click-Boom carries the biggest brands of lower parts including LUTH, Diamondback, BAD, Sig Sauer, and many more. Our selection allows you to completely upgrade every aspect of the lower receiver of your AR-15, AR-10, or AK-47. With Click-Click-Boom, you can build or personalize your lower receiver to your exact specifications. Browse our collection of triggers, stocks, furniture, and much more to create your perfect rifle today.