Soft gun cases are popular among new and experienced shooters alike for their simplicity, easy storage and great firearm protection. Find soft rifle and shotgun cases along with gun bases and soft cases for all firearms from pistols and handguns to ARs and Sniper cases. Many soft cases come with accessory pockets for extra ammunition, cleaning kits, choke tubes, or anything else that you may need at the range or in the field, allowing you to prepare for any shooting activity.

A soft gun case may serve as a range bag and a gun case in one package. Secure storage while traveling to and from the shooting area or the range is assured with soft cases from Blackhawk, Browning, Allen, Bulldog Cases and more. Soft-sided gun cases are extremely versatile. Compact and lightweight, these soft cases are easy to carry for day trips. They also protect guns without adding extra weight and bulk to suitcases when you’re traveling. Leading companies like Explorer, Allen and Plano make well-designed soft cases for shotguns and rifles. Features, depending on the model, include extra pockets for ammunition and accessories, padded shoulder strap, lockable zippers, carrying handles, foam padding and water resistant materials.