Lower build kits include all of the parts needed for you to open the box and build a complete AR-15 lower receiver assembly. AR-15 lower parts kits contain all the firing and safety control components for your firearm. These devices have a direct effect on the way your rifle handles and feels. Selecting the right AR parts, such as triggers, springs and pistol grips, allows you to customize your firearm to the exact specifications you desire. We offer some of the best AR LPKs for your build from top brands like CMMG and Anderson.

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Our selection of AR15 lower parts kits includes a wide range of options you won’t find from other online gun parts dealers. We have Spike’s Tactical, KNS and Cerro Forge brand LPKs as well as buffer tube kits, trigger and hammer pin kits, trigger guards, and more, with several parts including anodized, nickel boron, or nickel Teflon coating. We have worked to create the best selection of AR15 lower receiver parts and accessories for avid gun enthusiasts, and we take great pride in what we do. Shop today for the best military-spec lower receiver parts and accessories for sale, and contact us if you have any questions.