Upgraded AR Grips help improve your accuracy and overall comfort with a gun. There are many different options and brands of grips on the market, but we have the perfect match for your gun. Whether you are looking for forward grips, pistol grips, or grip covers, Click-Click-Boom has you covered with all of them.

Adding a high-quality grip to your AR-15 can do wonders for your comfort and aim. Lucky for you, we have the best AR grips in stock at the best prices. Whether you call it an AR-15 pistol grip, AR-15 front grip, AR-15 hand grip, AR-15vertical grip or AR-15 forward grip, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for (at an affordable price). Simply choose your desired look, texture, grip angle and ergonomics and you’ll be good to go.

Having a grip that fits your shooting style can make all the difference at the range or in training. The right grip consists of comfort, texture, ergonomics, and grip angle. We offer a large selection of grips to take your AR-15 rifle to next level. We also have a great selection of AR-15 lowers to attach your grip to.