Shooting Targets and Gun Target for target practice help improve your precision with a new gun, fine tune your favorite rifle, or just to go have some fun. Ready to take aim and perfect your shot? Stop by Click-Click-Boom to find all kinds of paper targets that let you practice firing at a shooting range, in an open field or even in your own backyard.

Our selection includes everything from sight-in paper targets to challenging bouncing or spinning steel targets in all shapes and sizes. You’ll want to use different types of targets depending on where you plan to practice and your shooting preference and style. Choose paper or clay targets for one-time use that demonstrates your accuracy, or opt for durable spinning targets with variable sizes and shapes for a higher level of difficulty. Steel targets work best if you’re perfecting your shot in an open, outdoor space, while paper targets are preferred for indoor use. Whatever style of shooting you like, Click-Click-Boom has the best targets to help you improve.

With the cost of ammo on the rise, doing a little plinking to improve accuracy is tougher to stomach. Grab yourself a new I-Target, Mantis-X, or a laser ammo system. This allows you to shoot your own gun in a simulated setting without wasting ammo, but still improving accuracy.