Hard Gun Cases help protect your gun while transporting from point A to point B. Whether you’re transporting a rifle to a week-long hunting trip, bringing a gun to the shooting range across town or simply looking for a safe way to store guns in your home, you’ll find hard guns cases offer a perfect blend of toughness, padding and security. Hard cases are crush-resistant and feature foam interiors which absorb the shock of impact and keep your guns from getting scratched. Adding a padlock to a hard gun case will ensure only the right person has access. Hard gun cases are favored by all calibers of shooters for being the best protection their firearm can have outside of a gun safe. Built tough to keep firearms protected during long hauls or air travel, many of the cases we sell are airline approved so you can travel the world around to hunt your favorite game. Hard weapons cases present a watertight and crush proof solution for shooters that respect and value their gun collection, and with the trusted construction from Pelican Storm Cases, Browning, SportLock, and other top brands, you’re bound to find a hard case you can depend on when you shop at Click-Click-Boom.