Misc Gun Parts include firearm parts and accessories that don’t really belong in any set “category” on Click-Click-Boom. Whether you’re looking for a specific part for your older shotgun, or your modern rifle, we carry it all. You’ll find plugs, extensions, mag releases, trigger guards, and other gun parts that are essential to your favorite firearm. Hardware parts such as M-Lok hardware, replacement swivel screws, shotgun mag tube covers and others are found below. If you’re in the middle of an AR-15 build or a project repair, you’ve come to the right spot to find those hard to find parts that aren’t found in generic repair kits.

Use the search function on the left or on the top of any page to find the exact gun part you’re after or sort by the most popular brands on the market such as ATI, Bushmaster, Magpul, Butler Creek, Uncle Mikes, and MANY more. Even if you’re looking to replace an OEM part, we can help you out. We have direct lines with most of the biggest names including Mossberg, Winchester, Remington, and more. This allows for you to repair your firearm with real parts that match the rest of your gun. If there’s a specific misc gun part you’re after but can’t find it on our website, shoot us a message through email or text and we’ll help you find it or get one on order.