FFL Items

FFL Transfers

There are some products that require Click-Click-Boom to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) on file in order to ship.  These items have a serial number stamped on them and are regulated by the BATF.  Regulated items are firearms, receivers (Lower & Barreled), frames, actions, and suppressors.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws in their area.

Click-Click-Boom will charge a $20 FFL processing fee on orders containing FFL transfers from a purchase made somewhere other than Click-Click-Boom and shipped to our shop.

Click-Click-Boom typically ships FFL required items via FedEx.  The recipient of FFL items must be at least 21 years old.

Firearms flagged as “Online Only” are not available through our Retail Store.

FFL Ordering Process for Firearms, Receivers, Frames, & Actions

  1. If you have a Federal Firearms License and place an order for FFL items, we will need to have a clearly signed copy of your current FFL. If we do not have a clearly signed copy of your current FFL, the order will remain on hold until we can obtain one by email, fax, or mail.  Once the information is received and/or verified, the order will be processed and shipped.
  2. If you are not an FFL holder, choosing a listed Click-Click-Boom Featured Dealer is the easiest way to complete your purchase. Click-Click-Boom Featured Dealers have already agreed to perform transfers for FFL items purchased from Click-Click-Boom. There is no need for you to contact a Click-Click-Boom Featured Dealer. Just select the dealer on the Click-Click-Boom website, pay for your items, and it automatically ships to the dealer.
  3. If you decide to go through an FFL holder who is not a Click-Click-Boom Featured Dealer, you’ll have to contact the FFL holder to arrange a transfer of the FFL required items.  FFL holders often charge a fee for performing transfers.

FFL holders may email a PDF version of their clearly signed FFL to Click-Click-Boom to [email protected].  If they choose to mail a copy of their FFL to Click-Click-Boom they can send it to:

Attn: FFL Dept.
311 2nd St Sw
Buffalo, MN 55313

Click-Click-Boom will need verbal or written permission from the FFL holder for you to use their FFL for the transfer. Make sure that the FFL holder references your name and Click-Click-Boom order number and/or customer account number if you know them.

  1. Once we have a clearly signed copy of the FFL holder’s current FFL and we get it associated with your order, the order will be processed and shipped to the address listed on the FFL.
  2. Once the items arrives, go to the FFL holder to complete the background check and transfer process and pay any applicable fees and taxes. Check your local laws about what documents or identification you’ll need to take with you to complete the transfer.

FFL Ordering Process for Suppressors

Factory Required Ordering Process

There are a few products that are not regulated by the BATF but the manufacturer requests that we have a FFL on file in order to ship them.

  1. If you are the FFL holder and we have a current FFL on file the order will process and ship just like a typical order.
  2. If you are not the FFL holder then the order will be put on hold and you will need to get verbal or written permission from a FFL holder for you to have their FFL on file.  The item will still be able to ship to you directly.
  3. Once we receive the verbal or written permission we will process and ship the order.