Shop Tactical Lights, Lasers and replacement batteries for self-defense and long guns. Light the way with our large selection of lights for your firearm needs. Click-Click-Boom carries a significant amount of weapon lights, flashlights, lighting accessories and weapon lights from brands you trust: Surefire, Insight, Streamlight, and Laser Devices to name a few. All of the weapon-mounted LED lights and lasers are the most advanced available. For military, law enforcement, or hunting (where legal), you can count on them to perform flawlessly on all firearm platforms. Upgraded sights offer shooters a different, and often faster, way to aim that doesn’t require them to line up iron sights or focus on a crosshair. When properly zeroed in, a red dot allows you to fire from nearly any position such as from the hip and hit where the light is pointing. This works best in close quarters situations and becomes less effective for long range shots.