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Consider the following before buying your new crossbow.

Draw Weight: Draw weight is key, as some states have specific minimum and maximum requirements for hunting to ensure ethical harvesting. Check your state’s regulations before making your purchase.

Power Stroke: Power stroke refers to the distance the bow string travels from its resting position to its fully cocked position. Typically, a longer power stroke will result in more speed.

Axle-to-Axle: Axle-to-axle gives you an idea of the crossbow’s width; it is the distance between the axles on each cam. Manufacturers will often provide axle-to-axle specifications for both cocked and uncocked positions. The smaller the width, the easier it should be to maneuver your crossbow in the field.

Kinetic Energy: Kinetic energy (KE) essentially expresses how much force an arrow delivers when it hits its target. The higher the KE, the more power the arrow will have to penetrate the target.