The best practice strategy for serious bowhunters is a year-round approach, so you can build and strengthen the muscles used, make proper technique second nature, and build confidence. To accomplish this, it is important to choose the correct target for you situation and goals so you can be confident in making the first shot count when bow season arrives.

Offering the easiest arrow removal, bag-style targets are typically the most affordable targets available to serious bowhunters. These targets usually combine a durable external cover around a core made of fibrous or spongy material (or some combination). This design absorbs an arrow’s energy to prevent deep penetration. Their main drawback is most bag designs only work with field points.

Able to work with either broadheads or target points, many block targets offer shooting targets on 4 sides (6 sides on some) for greater shooting versatility and longer life. Relying on friction to stop the arrows, more force is often needed to extract arrows as they tend to penetrate deeper.