Firearm training is more important than any other aspect when it comes to gun ownership. Click-Click-Boom provides a wide variety of training products for serious firearm customers for one reason: to create better shooters. Law Enforcement, Military and Security Professionals have to constantly develop and hone their skills, and for that they need top training gear. With the rising prices of ammo, you can now even buy a laser ammo training system. This allows you to dry fire with a laser cartridge from your firearm without wasting ammo. Find it here.

Try out a new Mantis X shooting performance system from Click-Click-Boom. Take your firearm training to the next level with Mantis X. Simply slide the Manis X proprietary system on the rail of your firearm, shoot, and analyze the data on your phone. This helps you correct shooting mistakes, stances, and grip styles while improving accuracy.

We take training serious at Click-Click-Boom. That’s why we not only sell training equipment to help take your shooting to the next level, but we also have many free training courses. Head over to our training website and sign up for a few of our free firearm training courses which help you improve safety, accuracy, grip, comfortability, and more.