Click-Click-Boom carries a huge selection of Barrels & Choke Tubes from the biggest brands on the market. Most shotgun barrels are threaded for screw–in choke tubes, making them truly versatile tools. By simply swapping chokes, shooters can use the same gun for a wide variety of shotgun sports. Outfit your weapon with one of these reliable Rifle Barrels. You’ll experience improved performance in the field, at the range, or anywhere else you demand precise shots on target. We’ve got all the best-selling brands in the business.

While changing chokes is easy, deciding which choke to use can be difficult due to the wide array of choke choices out there. Gun barrels and chokes for shotguns and other firearms at cheap prices. Discover easy to install shotgun barrels, shotgun chokes and firearm choke tubes from Click-Click-Boom that are designed to produce a more consistent pattern.

If there’s a specific barrel or choke that you’re looking for and can’t find, shoot us a message. We’ll get it on order for you if available.