SilencerCo Hybrid 46 DTM Suppressor

SilencerCo Hybrid 46 DTM Suppressor


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SilencerCo Hybrid 46 DTM Suppressor

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The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is compatible with pistol calibers from 9mm to .45 ACP, rifle calibers from 5.56mm to .45-70 GOV, and .458 SOCOM, and many in between. The SilencerCo Hybrid 46 is full auto and magnum-rated and can be used on pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. Boasting low-120s dB on .300 BLK and remaining hearing safe with .45–70 GOV, the Hybrid 46 offers unparalleled versatility and performance. The Hybrid 46 is rated down to 16″ barrels for .45–70 GOV and .458 SOCOM and down to 18″ barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum. You can turn the Hybrid into the perfect silencer for almost any host with many compatible accessories.


Named the industry’s most versatile suppressor, the Hybrid 46 will suppress almost everything in your safe. Pair it with a 22lr suppressor; you’ll need not much else. The Hybrid 46 has a .46 diameter end cap, keeping all calibers at hearing-safe levels. If you want to squeeze more sound reduction out of the Hybrid, choose between six end caps to reduce the decibel levels to category-leading numbers. Out of the box, the Hybrid 46 is ready to suppress your favorite rifle threaded 5/8×24. There are a plethora of attachments sold separately to attach your favorite rifle or pistol: eight different direct thread modules, two QD mounts, nineteen different muzzle devices, eleven pistons (pistol), three 3-lug mounts, and ten different fixed barrel adapters (PCC and sub gun). The entire SilencerCo accessory lineup is more or less compatible with the Hybrid 46.


Multicaliber rated for centerfire rifle and pistol use
Full-auto and magnum-rated
Compatible with the industry’s most common mounting system – ASR
Uses SilencerCo pistons, 3-lug, and fixed barrel mounts for handgun or sub-gun use
Replaceable Bravo flat front caps
123dB-140dB sound reduction
Compatible with SilencerCo Bravo accessories


5/8×24 Bravo direct thread mount
46 caliber Bravo flat front cap
Tools for usability
Suppressor pouch and manual
Available in a variety of colors.


ASR QD Mount, Bravo direct thread mount, Dead Air Key-mo, Plan-B by Q
Bravo flat front caps, Bravo Anchor brake
ASR flash hider, ASR muzzle brake, ASR single port brake
SilencerCo Pistons, 3-Lug, fixed barrel mounts, fixed barrel spacer
Replacement Bravo Booster Housing Assembly


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