Cheddite Primer 209 Shotshell 100/bx

Cheddite Primer 209 Shotshell 100/bx


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Cheddite Primer 209 Shotshell 100/bx

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To improve ballistic performances with most available powders, Cheddite has developed its dependable and powerful Clerinox primer (US type). The regularity of Cheddite primers provide a reliable powder ignition at optimum sensitivity will allow your cartridges to perform to your expectations. This regularity is obtained thanks to a strict quality control of all components : anvil, chamber, cap, mixture and to a continuous performance checking of the primer itself as well as when combined with a specific reference cartridge loading.

The non-corrosive explosive mixture does not contain mercuric compounds. The word, “Clerinox” is a trademark coming from the contraction of the words Clerieux (place in France where the primer paint originates) and “inox” which comes from the meaning, inoxadable=waterproof/stainless (and by extension, non-corroding).

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