Longhorn Ammo 9MM 125gr Sierra FMJ Centerfire 500rd Case

Longhorn Ammo 9MM 125gr Sierra FMJ Centerfire 500rd Case


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Longhorn Ammo 9MM 125gr Sierra FMJ Centerfire 500rd Case

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Longhorn Ammo 9MM 125gr Sierra FMJ Centerfire 500rd Case

Step up your shooting game with Longhorn Ammunition’s 125gr Full Metal Jacket 9MM rounds in a 1000rd Case (20 boxes of 50rds), now available at BattleHawk Armory. Expertly crafted for shooters who demand the best, each round embodies the spirit of precision and reliability.

Exceptional Accuracy: Our 125gr FMJ 9MM ammo is engineered for unparalleled accuracy. Whether you’re at the range or in competition, you can trust these rounds to deliver consistent, on-target performance.

Top-Quality Components:

Sierra Bullets: Recognized for their superior quality, the 125gr Sierra bullets ensure excellent ballistics and flight stability.
Reliable CCI Primers: Known for their dependability, these primers provide a consistent ignition, shot after shot.
Premium Homemade Brass: Our carefully manufactured brass casings ensure durability and smooth chambering, contributing to the overall reliability of each round.
Reduced Recoil: Experience smoother shooting with our ammo’s reduced recoil design. It enhances your control and allows for quicker follow-up shots, making it ideal for both new and experienced shooters.

Match Grade Performance: Our range ammunition rivals the best match-grade ammo in the market. We understand that in shooting, performance is not just about firing a round; it’s about hitting your mark with precision.

Versatility: Whether you’re competing, training, or ensuring your personal defense, our ammunition provides the consistency and reliability you need for any scenario.

Confidence in Every Shot: With Longhorn Ammunition, you’re not just loading your magazine; you’re equipping yourself with confidence. Each round is a promise of quality, designed to help you achieve your best performance.

Proudly Made in Texas: Embracing the spirit of freedom, Longhorn Ammunition is proudly made in Texas. Each box of ammo reflects our commitment to excellence and dedication to American values.

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