Minnesota Permit to Carry Class – March 21st 2020

Waverly Minnesota Permit to Carry Class

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class – March 21st 2020

Waverly Minnesota Permit to Carry Class

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class – March 21st 2020


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March 21st, 2020, 9:00 am at Click-Click-Boom. Class will run 4-6 hours including classroom and range time.

Our Minnesota Permit to Carry class is taught by USCCA Certified Professional Instructors and built for those who want to responsibly protect and carry. After attending our Permit to Carry class, not only will you become more comfortable with your firearm, but you’ll become your family’s ultimate protector and learn to carry your handgun with confidence. Our course is a Minnesota approved course, meaning all material is within accordance of the Minnesota statute for obtaining your Minnesota permit to carry obtain completion of our course and filing of your paperwork with your local sheriff’s office. With in-depth material, in-class exam, and range shooting test, your journey to firearms confidence starts with Click-Click-Boom’s Minnesota Permit to Carry class in Waverly, MN.

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Waverly Minnesota Permit to Carry Class

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class

$99 Total. No extra hidden fees. Includes range fees, snacks, and refreshments. You’ll also receive a 10% off coupon for USE in our shop…The coupon can be used to buy your first carry handgun or any of the other items in our shop.

Covered in Our Minnesota Permit to Carry Course

  • Developing a personal and home protection plan.
  • Self-defense firearm basics.
  • Defensive shooting fundamentals.
  • The legal use of force.
  • Deadly encounters and the aftermath.
  • Gear and gadgets.
  • Basic and advanced skills.

Course Details:

The Minnesota Permit to Carry Class, offered by Click-Click-Boom, is for beginners, advanced shooters, or those looking to renew their permit to carry for Minnesota. The total class length typically ranges between 4-6 hours, which includes range time and shooting test.

Needed for Class:

  • Handgun of any caliber. No sharing. We have handguns for rental as well.
  • 30 rounds of brass ammunition for your handgun
  • Eye and ear protection (available for rental)
  • Valid I.D.

Shooting Test

  • 80% on target at 21 feet.
  • 30 rounds at 21 feet.
  • Must acquire score of 80% on the target to pass live fire portion of test. We use an “Action Target B-34 Qualification Target” which is 17.5 x 23″. Your shot must hit the black silhouette to be considered a “hit”. Anything outside the target will be considered a miss.
  • You may re-shoot if you don’t pass the first time at no additional charge.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Information:

  • Minnesota Permit to Carry valid for 5 years.
  • Must be filed at Sheriffs office after course completion. (Must be the Sheriff's office in the county in which you live)
  • Must be at minimum 21 years of age.
  • Minnesota law requires all permit holders to complete course certification class each time you renew.

Course Schedule

  • Classroom portion of the Minnesota Permit to Carry class.
  • Written Exam
  • Shooting Range and Shooting Test
  • Pass and receive your completion certificate along with a 10% off coupon at Click-Click-Boom.
  • Head on over to your county's sheriff's office and file your new Minnesota Permit to Carry paperwork. Remember to come on back to the shop to get 10% off your new carry handgun!

Click-Click-Boom is located at 809 Pacific Ave in Waverly, MN 55390. Our shop is on Hwy 12 in the big red building next to the new Holiday building and cafe.

Event Details

Click-Click-Boom's Minnesota Permit to Carry Class is the perfect class for first time shooter's as well as more experienced permit holders who are simply looking to renew. This isn't a class that will rush through, skip over, or skim through topics. This is a thorough permit to carry class for Minnesota citizens in which all topics are covered from A to Z. This is the most important permit or license one can apply for in the state of Minnesota, and due to that, our focus and commitment to providing our students with a complete training and education course around.

This class will cover all of the safety principals and laws regarding the Minnesota Personal Protection Act in order to provide you with the fundamentals needed to safely carry a firearm. Our course was designed by USCCA and each of our class instructors are USCCA certified instructors. When designing the course, USCCA teamed up with leaders in the self-defense industry to provide you with an unparalleled level of firearms training. No matter what your experience is, this course will make you better, safer and more confident in your abilities.

Overall, the course will be broken up into 7 lessons:

  1. Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan.
  2. Self-Defense Firearm Basics
  3. Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  4. The Legal Use of Force.
  5. Deadly Encounters and the Aftermath.
  6. Gear and Gadgets
  7. Basic and Advanced Skills

Our course also intertwines all Minnesota specific laws, regulations and overall information which most other courses do not. From what our Minnesota "Carry" law provides, to the process for applying for a permit after you pass the class. We'll go in depth on Minnesota carry topics such as Denials, and how to handle them, requirements for displaying your permit, where carrying is banned, or otherwise restricted, as well as statutes and federal laws.

Why take your Minnesota Permit to Carry class with us?

  • Taught by USCCA Certified Professionals
  • Built for Those Who Want to Responsibly Protect and Carry
  • Become Your Family's Ultimate Protector
  • Carry With Confidence
  • Become Empowered to Defend You and Your Family During a Self-Defense Incident
  • Feel More Confident Handling a Firearm
  • Your Journey to Firearms Confidence Starts Here

Date: March 21, 2020

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 03:00 p.m.

Venue: Click-Click-Boom Gun Shop

Coordinates: 45.0654296875, -93.96876525878906

Directions: On Highway 12 in Waverly, next to the new Holiday gas station. Big red building next to "Norms" Muffler shop.

Phone: 763-310-1040

Email: [email protected]

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