EAA SAR B6P 9mm Full-size Pistol 400422


The EAA SAR B6P 9mm Full-size Pistol 400422 is a modern reproduction with improvements on the world famous CZ75 design. First, we took the frame and made it polymer and improved the ergonomics, next we used state of the art manufacturing technology to improve the quality, then we added state of the art material and material processing to give you the SARB6P that has the competition wondering.

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EAA SAR B6P 9mm Full-size Pistol 400422

The SAR B6P is an updated take on the iconic CZ75 that’s built first and foremost to shoot. First, EAA took the frame and recreated it in polymer. Then, they improved the ergonomics… resulting in a pistol that feels as good in the hand as anything out there. If you want an affordable CZ clone, and if you’re looking to stretch your budget to the absolute max, this is your best bet.

  • Made by Sarsilmaz Armory, imported by European American Armory
  • Ergonomic grip fits the hand beautifully
  • Auto firing pin block safety and manual safety

Barrel Length4.5″
Capacity16 + 1

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 x 10 x 4 in


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