Sell My Guns – Terms and Conditions

Click-Click-Boom “Sell My Gun” Terms of Purchase

The following Terms of Purchase (the “Terms”) apply to all sales transactions between you, as seller, and Click-Click-Boom, DMB INC.(“”, “we”, or “us”) as purchaser, initiated by you on the website, (the “Site”). We reserve the right to modify the Terms at any time. All sales transactions between you and us are subject to the then-current Terms. Accordingly, you should review the Terms each time you sell firearms and accessories (the “Products”) through the Site. If you do not agree with the then-current Terms, do not sell any Products through the Site.

1. Representations and Warranties

You represent and warrant to us that:

  1. You: (i) are a United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident alien (a “green card” holder); (ii) are 21 years of age or older; (iii) are the sole legal owner of the Products; (iv) are not prohibited from selling the Products to us; (v) are not under indictment for a crime punishable for a term exceeding one (1) year; and (vi) live in a state in which it is legal for you to own and possess the Products.
  1. The Products have not been modified to make them non-compliant with federal, state, or local laws;
  1. The Products are not subject to regulation under the National Firearms Act. (e.g., machineguns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and silencers);
  1. The serial numbers on the Products have not been obliterated, altered, or modified in any manner;
  1. The Products are in good working order, and the Products are not defective;
  1. The Products are not loaded, and the Products do not contain any ammunition;
  1. Your residence address that you provided to is your actual physical address; and
  1. You have exactly followed’s packing and shipping instructions for the Products as posted on the Site and as provided to you by

2. Inspection; Acceptance or Rejection of Products’s offer to purchase the Products from you is conditioned upon’s inspection of the Products. We may accept or reject the Products for any reason.

If we accept the Products, then we will mail a check to you for the agreed upon purchase price for the Products within three (3) days of’s inspection of, and acceptance of, the Products. You will be responsible for and will pay all taxes that are applicable to the purchase of the Products by us from you. Title and risk of loss to the Products will pass to us only upon’s acceptance of the Products.

If we do not accept the Products, then we will return the Products to you at the address that you provided to’s return of the Products will proceed as follows: Within three (3) days of’s inspection of the Products, we will contact you by email and inform you that did not accept the Products. We will also provide a means for you to pay a return fee of $50 (unless such return fee is waived by us within our sole discretion). Upon receipt of payment of the return fee, we will send the Products to you at the at the address that you provided to If you do not pay the applicable return fee within ninety (90) days of our email to you, then title to the Products transfers to, and we will have no further obligation to you. If we do not accept the Products, then title and risk of loss to the Products will not pass to us and will remain with you at all times, unless and until you fail to pay the return fee 90 days

3. Miscellaneous

You are responsible at all times for complying with all applicable federal, state, and local laws with respect to your ownership possession, use, sale, and shipment of the Products.

You and agree that’s maximum liability to you pursuant to these Terms, and based upon’s purchase of the Products from you through the Site, will be equal to the purchase price of the Products. IN NO EVENT WILL CLICK-CLICK-BOOM.COM BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND.

You agree to notify immediately if your residence address changes.

You agree that we may verify your identity using Cognito or such other service or records search as we determine in our sole discretion.

These Terms may not be modified, except as expressly provided herein, or otherwise in writing signed by you and an authorized representative of