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Hornady Free Bullets
Kleen-Bore Classic Cleaning Kit 20Ga Shotgun Storage Box SHO217A
Kleen-Bore Classic Cleaning Kit Universal Storage Box UK213A
Kleen-Bore Stainless Steel Brush 5/Pack Blister Card UT222
Kleen-Bore Phosphor Bronze Brush 5/Pack Blister Card UT223
Kleen-Bore Saf-T-Clad Rod 22-45 Rifle 33″ 1 Piece Poly Bag SAF400
Kleen-Bore PocKit Cleaning Kit 38/357/9MM/380 Handgun Blister Card POC222
Kleen-Bore Small Bore Rod 17Cal 34″ Multi Section Vinyl Pouch SB169
Kleen-Bore PocKit Cleaning Kit 40/41/10MM Handgun Blister Card POC224
Kleen-Bore Classic Cleaning Kit 12Ga Shotgun Storage Box SHO216A
Kleen-Bore PocKit Cleaning Kit 44/45Cal Handgun Blister Card POC226
Kleen-Bore Field Pack Cleaning Kit AR-15/M16 Nylon Pouch POU302B
Kleen-Bore 1 Piece Classic Rod 22-45 Handgun 6.5″ Steel Tube OP106
Kleen-Bore Police Cleaning Kit 38/357/9MM/380 Storage Box PS50
Kleen-Bore 1 Piece Classic Rod 22-45 Rifle 33″ Steel Tube OP107
Kleen-Bore Rod Universal Multi Section Vinyl Pouch S170
Kleen-Bore Patch 28-35 1.25″ Rifle/Handgun P201
Kleen-Bore Saf-T-Clad Cleaning Kit Universal Storage Box SAF300
Kleen-Bore Patch Rifle/Handgun P202
Kleen-Bore Saf-T-Clad Rod Universal 30″ Multi Section Clam Pack SAF301
Kleen-Bore Patch Universal 4″ P206
Kleen-Bore Saf-T-Clad Rod 22-45 Handgun 6.5″ 1 Piece Blister Card SAF302
Kleen-Bore Classic Cleaning Kit 38/357/9MM/380 Handgun Storage Box PK210
Kleen-Bore Saf-T-Clad Rod 17Cal 33″ 1 Piece Poly Bag SAF303
Kleen-Bore PocKit Cleaning Kit .22 Cal Handgun Blister Card POC220

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