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  • Winchester USA PDX1 .410 3″ 4 Disc/16 Plated BB 10 Rnd Box

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    For over 40 years Winchester has continually been recognized as a leader in quality and innovation in shotgun ammunition. The latest development to build on their tremendous success is the PDX1 Defender Load. When considering the safety of yourself and your family, choose the shotshell load that delivers the ultimate threat stopping combo of two distinct personal defense technologies at the same time. The PDX1 is a highly effective in both shotguns and .410 compatible handguns. PDX1 features three plated Defense Disc projectiles and 16 pellets of plated BB shot to delver the one-two punch that you need, when you need it. It’s the ideal personal defense load for short range encounters with the terminal performance that you need to stop the threats. It is also an excellent hunting round suitable for predators, varmints, and pest control!

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  • Winchester PDX1 12 Gauge 2.75″ 1oz Segmenting Slug 10 Rounds 1600 fps

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    When it comes to the safety of you or your family, choose the shot shell load that delivers a threat stopping combination of two distinct personal defense technologies: the PDX1. Unique Slug Design segments into 3 pieces when fired into bare, light cloth and heavy cloth covered ballistic gelatin. Slug segmentation causes multiple wound channels, increased trauma and greatly reduces over penetration often associated with traditional slugs.

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