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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Semi-Automatic Handguns

    ADVANTAGES OF SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUNS: The primary advantages of semi-automatic handguns are that they are more easily concealable, tend to have lighter triggers, have greater ammunition capacity than revolvers-in many cases, much greater-and are more quickly and easily reloaded than revolvers. Semiautos also, in most common calibers, have much less recoil effect and muzzle blast than revolvers,
  • How Does a Semi-Auto Handgun Actually Work?

    Semiautomatics are occasionally incorrectly known as “automatics.” A computerized weapon fires multiple models for every pull from the trigger. As lengthy because the trigger is pulled and held back, the weapon will fire before the trigger is released or even the ammunition supply is exhausted. Expert machine gunners can fire bursts of two-three models or
  • Improve Your Handgun Accuracy

    Thanks to for the information and graphic. Shooting your handgun accurately isn’t as easy as it looks int he movies.  It requires hours of practice, drilling the fundamentals and refining your skills.  Even after becoming a skilled shooter, you still must practice regularly to maintain your skill. Review the below common problems and corresponding