Remington RP9 Introduction and Specifications

Remington RP9 Introduction and Specifications For optimum firepower and finish control, the brand new Remington RP9 is the phrase shootability. It combines among the greatest capacities having a slim, ergonomic grip to easily fit 95% of shooters. The Remington RP9 provides an amount of control and precision better than other full-sized polymer-presented handguns available on the market.Delivering total command and confidence, it utilizes the tiniest circumference full-size grip frame available, allowing any shooter to achieve the utmost charge of the [...]


How Does a Semi-Auto Handgun Actually Work?

Semiautomatics are occasionally incorrectly known as “automatics.” A computerized weapon fires multiple models for every pull from the trigger. As lengthy because the trigger is pulled and held back, the weapon will fire before the trigger is released or even the ammunition supply is exhausted. Expert machine gunners can fire bursts of two-three models or even more simply by way of manual trigger manipulation. Some automatic weapons mimic this ability with burst features that fire short-generally three round-predetermined bursts [...]