Additional Fees and Regulations

Additional Fees and Regulations

  • All COD orders have an additional $18.00 fee.
  • A $19.95 hazardous fee per order delivered is charged by the shipping company and will be added to the $15.95 shipping charge. Below is an example if your order consisted only of one item, and that item is considered hazardous shipping:
 (hazardous fee)
(hazardous shipping)
total shipping fees

Receivers, actions, and frame sales require an FFL and are only allowed with the strictest adherence to federal regulations. Such orders will be held at Click-Click-Boom until we verify your FFL is on file.

FFL requirements are as follows:

  1. It must be a current, certified-copy with an original signature in ink!
  2. If it has been changed or altered in any way it will be considered invalid.
  3. FFL purchases will only be sent to the address on the FFL – no exceptions.
  4. We will keep your FFL on file until it expires, at which time you will need to send Click-Click-Boom a renewed, certified copy.


  1. You need to supply the FFL dealer a copy of our FFL and you will need to provide us a copy of their FFL license.
  2. You will need to provide us the shipping tracking information as soon as you receive it from the FFL you ordered the firearm from.
  3. Note: You should always call first before coming to our shop. Do not just show up. It may be possible that the firearm is not here or it may not have been checked in.
  4. You will need a valid drivers license with your current address. If a pistol you must have a valid permit to purchase or carry.
  5. Once your firearm has arrived, it cannot leave the shop or enter your ownership until all appropriate paperwork is complete, and if necessary, processed through the NICS check. If we receive a delay status from the NICS check, you will have to wait until we receive a proceed status from NICS, or one week. If we receive a denied status from NICS, you will have to make arrangements to have the store that you originally purchased the firearm from pay to have the firearm shipped back to them. This also applies if the wrong item is sent.
  6. Transfer fees for a single application: $30 single firearm. Two or more firearms transferred in single transaction $50 total.
  7. For more information, head over to our main website